Creative Dance Flow
a 7 week course to inspire your creativity through 
conscious somatic dance
15th November - 3rd January 2022

moving meditation and conscious dance outdoors

Remembering Who You Are

Would you like to go to a deeper level when you move and dance, and gain more insight into yourself?

  Find your expressive, inspired self by diving into your internal world of thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams through movement and conscious dance. Our body has sentient knowledge that goes way deeper than our conscious mind.  When we dance, when we move and ‘are moved’, our bodies can reveal a whole history and mythology that transcends our colour, race, culture or social conditioning.

 Each week we focus on a Sphere of Influence in the Niio Foundation. There are no specific steps or routines, only guidance to enhance your body mind connection, movement sensitivity and conscious somatic dance practice. You may find that your dance emerges spontaneously from being authentic, allowing untold stories and emotions to be heard, and to lead you back to the essence of who you truly are.  

You are also encouraged to find expression through other art forms in post reflection, and each week we come together to share and reflect on any artwork, poetry or other offering that may have emerged in the week’s video’s. 

Join me if you would like to gain:

Personal Insight
through Dance

Our bodies hold all our stories. When we open our bodies to new ways to move, the memories and feelings that have been contained are allowed to rise to the surface. In seated insight meditations and mindfulness, we may look at our internal world. With movement, this can reveal an extra dimension for release, expression and transformation.

New Freedom of Expression and Ways to Communicate

Dance and other expressive arts give us the opportunity to express in a way that words and language can often fall short. In learning to listen in and express through our bodies, we may discover hidden sources of strength, resilience, wisdom and creativity that we had not accessed before. We may even find a new voice for ourselves that needs to be heard! 

A Personal Toolbox for Wellbeing

Through somatic awareness we look at different aspects of ourselves and directly tune in to our body mind. In doing so we recognise the resources  we already have within us, that can support us.
During the course we use different  somatic exercises that can give you practical physical support, and related art assignments are potential ongoing tools for mental, emotional and possibly even spiritual  guidance

  NB:  All the above are potential gains, dependant upon time and commitment invested, prior health conditions and personal constitution.
Seven weeks is an introduction to what is possible through the power of dance. Also whilst dance is potentially healing, Niio Dance cannot be held responsible for any outcomes. For more info please see disclaimer.

Course Modules

Each week we work on a theme that is both resonant on a personal and universal level,
with the opportunity to explore further in reflection through other expressive arts.


On a fundamental and energetic level we need to be connected to the earth; we need to have a firm footing and ‘find our feet’. Grounding is also the base chakra, muladhara in yoga, which represents our personal foundation and support on a practical, external level. With earth connection through our body,  we can literally find roots and have a home base to dance from. 

Structural Integrity

We are constantly changing and transforming. Through breath, movement and thermodynamics our physical make up can literally change in density and consistency. With intention and focus we have the ability to send messages to our body with immediate effect. In folklore shapeshifting is the ability to change physical form at will or through magical means. Through dance, we can enable the cells of our being to shapeshift and transmute for our personal wellbeing!


Not only is our breath vital to life, our breath is the most powerful tool we have to transform our whole physiology. It has the power to both energise and relax us, and is also our gateway to the subconscious. We can use our breath to inform and sensitise a deeper awareness within ourselves, and of our bodies in movement as we dance.


When we can tap into the fluidity of our body, not only do we release tension, but if we drop deep into the dance we can enter into a state of flow. Here the boundaries of who we are merge with the surrounding environment as time momentarily stops, and our brain waves drop from the everyday busyness of ‘beta’ towards the alpha/beta border, optimal for visualisation and creativity.


Whether we are strong and muscular or slim and waiflike, our power is fuelled from within. If we have a strong life force and spirit we can feel truly awake and alive. Through dance we have an outlet for every emotion, including the ones we normally suppress, and this release can be both liberating and empowering. To assist in tapping into our internal power we may use imagery and connect to different forces in the natural world.


The biggest obstacle that we normally encounter in life is that of the person looking back at us in the mirror. We are generally our own hardest taskmasters, and fiercest critic. In traditional chinese medicine the heart, unsurprisingly, is the king of all organs, and through its partner the small intestine, it represents our ability to absorb joy and nurture our soul. When we cultivate compassion, our heart can open and radiate into our whole body, dance and being, to bring lightness and joy.


Dancing is one of the best ways to experience embodiment – being fully present and connected in our bodies (rather than living from a busy, troubled head). Physical integration engenders a corresponding alignment with mind, thought and action that can give purpose and clarity. It also enables us to receive external support and connect to a bigger picture and existence.

Is this course for me?

If you are interested in the bodymind connection and love to dance then this course is for you!  There are no official dance sequences to learn, and for more experienced or trained dancers, the invitation will be to find new freedom in your body and movement, without the constraints of stylised dance or technique - new ways in and new ways out - a new conscious way to move and express.

This course may also suit you if you already have a conscious or ecstatic dance practice as you explore your dance on a new, deeper level. Experience the holistic aspects of wellbeng through the body mind connection as you explore your creative free movement.  You may become inspired with new ideas and motifs. The invitation is for welcoming in flexibility, curiosity and openness. In this way, you may notice new details, nuances and textures in your movement, which may also reflect in your everyday activity and your movement in life.  

We will also be looking into our internal world through the lens of the other creative expressive arts, so the invitation is to gather your art materials, be they paints, pencils or streams of consciousness to express after movement. Then we come together each week to share and reflect on what has emerged in our creative process.

Unlike Dance Basics which gives you clear structure and framework for movement, this course is all about your inner expression taking outer form - connecting to a deeper level of you, that could at times potentially touch on the spiritual or sacred.  If you are inspired to explore deeper this in way but feel you need more structure, then the more in-depth course Niio Roots beginning in September is a good bridge from Dance Basics to Creative Dance Flow. You may also feel inspired to then continue with the more in-depth Niio Wings (instead of or to complement Creative Dance Flow).  

dancing by the sea

What you Receive every week:

MODULE INTRODUCTION VIDEO - here I introduce the main focus for the week, and relevant bodymind information

GUIDED WARM UP VIDEO - This video will give a concise warm up that prepares you for the session, or can be done on its own as a general mini warm up and movement session for your body.

2 x GUIDED DANCE SESSION VIDEOS - This video has focussed guidance to demonstrate new movement pathways, time for you to follow, and then with freer guided movement exploration after.

Closed Facebook group for ongoing support and sharing

GUIDED MEDITATION VIDEO - The meditations are also an opportunity to go back to basics, of the body and the breath, as we begin to explore our interior. I give you simple guidance accompanied with beautiful music and subtle visuals to help you ease into the meditative mind without pressure or expectation.

REFLECTION EXERCISES - these may be questions that you can reflect and journal on, before, during or after the module

Every week we meet up live over Zoom to have a check in, movement time together and Q & A!

Personal and Group Mentoring through closed Course Community Group where you can interract with me and each other during the course.

Meet Your Instructor
Helene Su

ecstatic dance outdoors

Dance is Helene's first love, giving her joy, expression and freedom since childhood, and she originally began with ballet but has since studied martial arts, yoga, dance movement therapy, somatic movement education and meditation in the UK, India, Thailand and Japan. She has also explored a whole range of dance since including contemporary, conscious, contact and trance dance. Dance's unique synergy of mind, body, spirit and soul has helped her to gain clarity, resilience and confidence and inspired her to create Niio Dance.

She has presented talks and workshops in UK and Europe, and is now creating online dance programmes so you can find your flow, and reconnect with your joie de vivre in the comfort of your home! Combining ancient wisdom with modern science, Helene is committed to helping you to find personal tools for your vibrant health and wellbeing, through the joy of dance.

In addition you will receive to keep forever:

7 x 15 minutes Warm up WAV/MP3s

The warm ups in Niio Dance come from yogic, somatic, energetic and experiential movement practices over many years. Also some of the warm up sound tracks have been uniquely created by Niio Dance, enhanced by natural sounds and healing frequencies.  

7 x 20 minutes
Dance 1 WAV/MP3s

Generally Dance 1 is more instructional in its guidance, and lays out 'the terrain' of the theme of the module. 

7 x 20 minutes
Dance 2 WAV/MP3's

In Dance 2 we explore and develop further the theme of the module. The tempo of Dance 1 and 2 may complement each other eg one more gentle, one more upbeat, but this is not a hard and fast rule.   

7 x 10 minutes Meditation WAV/MP3s

The meditations in Niio Dance are uniquely created from yogic, somatic, shamanic and experiential influences over many years. Also many of the meditation sound tracks have been uniquely created by Niio Dance, enhanced by natural sounds and healing frequencies.  

Each video lesson has the corresponding Audio download so that you can really sense into your body and tune into your inner world, whether in warm-up, dance or meditation. Some of the exclusive Niio Dance mixes are incredibly evocative and can send you to beautiful places. If you listen on headphones outdoors, this will allow you the opportunity to really drop into what you are doing, and enjoy being in nature without the distraction of external influences; to discover your own dance flow and get away from the screen!  All the lessons are kept in the Niio Dance course portal for you to reference and access again for another 60 days after course completion. WAV/mp3 downloads are yours to keep forever!

Facebook Group Access

You can continue to be part of the Niio Dance closed Facebook group long after the course has finished, where you can connect with me and others on our dance and bodymind journey. I drop into the group regularly and post news of interest.

Each video lesson has the corresponding Audio download so that you can really sense into your body and tune into your inner world, whether in warm-up, dance or meditation. If you listen on headphones outdoors this will allow you the opportunity to really drop into what you are doing, and enjoy being in nature without the distraction of external influences; to discover your own dance flow and get away from the screen! All the lessons are kept in the Niio Dance course portal for you to reference and access again for another 60 days after course completion. WAV/mp3 downloads are yours to keep forever!


In Course Group Access

During the course access period, you can communicate with others in the group directly and to me.

Facebook Group Access

There is a closed Facebook group Niio Dance Foundation, which you can continue to be a part of long after the course has finished, where you can connect with me and others on your dance and bodymind journey. I drop into the group regularly and post news of interest.

If you are inspired to explore deeper into the body mind connection, learn more about yourself and your body, and instill a moving meditation and dance practice as part of your regular health and wellbeing self-care programme, a more in depth foundation Niio Roots is beginning in September and Niio Wings early next year.

from previous courses:

Beautiful Dance Course

Helene is really amazing and she know how to help us access exactly what we need to do in order to grow our ''roots and wings''.

The outdoor settings were inspirational and a real tonic during this strange time of Covid. The course has made me feel more flexible and given me hope!
Rated 5 out of 5

Music Lecturer

I loved your course.

It helped me to get through those tough days when I struggled to get on with anything!


Great course, really enjoying it.
Love your instruction and the lovely backdrops, and the meditations are really beautiful.

Also its really helping with my lower back, which has been giving me a lot of pain but is getting better and better.

And my husband has noticed I'm being a lot more expressive in my dancing!

Wellness Expert

Oh my goodness,loving your course!

Love love love the music... the African dance in the first was wonderful,,, felt the spirits near..  

Circus Performer

Dr Jeff Watkins

Tivoli Healthcare

Thank you for such an excellent course.
The presentation was highly professional, filming was impressive
and it's clearly been really well planned and thought through.

Your on-line dance classes are really, really good. I particularly like the bits in the open air !!'
Rated 5 out of 5 



In spite of some misgivings that the course was on a computer, I found the course very enjoyable. I liked the conversational way in which you directed our dance movements, and the suggestions that you made that included, as well as movement, ways of perceiving; ways of thinking about and feeling the sensations of our bodies. I couldn't always follow them, as sometimes they changed too quickly for me, but that didn't seem to matter. There was enough input for there to be at least one new idea or discovery made each session. I learned a lot about how I move, and how I could perhaps move, given enough practice and attention. There was so much that was new in the sessions that I can't comment on it all, but I will continue to use the recordings long into the future I think, as I carry on exploring. There only remains to say, thank you Helene, for the gift you have given. Bless you.

Pauline Crozier

Aerial Yoga Teacher
/Studio Owner

Niio Dance was a very transformative practice for me. Listening to Helene’s words of inspiration and guidance, I was able to hear the invitation, not to just follow on mindlessly someone else’s practice/regime but to listen to the wisdom of my own body. We all have very different bodies and what we need to heal is to feel what’s going on for us. By going inward and being able to focus on the aliveness of our bodies, our minds and emotions. And I really loved the music Helene used, it carries you, takes you into yourself.

During the course I feel I've released my body of so much built up stress and emotion. My space at home felt part of Helene’s space it didn't feel uncomfortable dancing on my own, even at times when I could feel resilience arise in my body, like I wanted to stop dancing, I would hear Helene’s voice encouraging me, talking to me and I managed to work through it.

Helene has so much to share and is such a generous and empowering teacher. Her instruction is so natural you can feel it comes from the heart. It was my favourite tool for staying well in lockdown. I really embraced the opportunity to tune into my body, getting out of my head and feeling confident with such an embodied dance movement experience…Niio Dance…shake out your stress and dance your way to freedom…xx

Mazal Goulding


"I was not too sure what to expect with Helene's digital course, as it was the first dance and well-being online programme that I had subscribed to. I always found dance a therapeutic activity and I discovered that dancing, whether alone or as part of a class, helped to develop my confidence and identity through that mind-body connection.

However, what is different on Helene's course is that she facilitates a journey where I can process emotions in my movement. My understanding was that this holistic approach would help me to reconnect with my sense of self after a long period of caring for my parents. This is helped through Helene's narrative guidance, synergised with the music and scenery featured in the dance videos. The process also includes introductions, warm up exercises,  meditation videos and reflective activities.

In Grounding Module Dance 1, Helene starts with the idea of Genesis and our evolutionary beginnings. She combines descriptions of physiology and natural history with movement, simulating ourselves with the flow of nature. The visual landscape, music and the poetry of her narration are so vivid, and changes as we explore our feelings. In the second video I felt that that she is commentating on the story of my life, describing real experiences that we all feel - a unifying and affirming sensation. I cannot wait to start week 2!"  



On Compassion:
 Was giggling to myself once I'd finished this module, giggling at the fact we sometimes are too harsh with ourselves and was reminded to be playful and compassionate first on foremost to onself  
On Fluidity:  
I loved this module, it really resonated with me and brought calmness and safety to being, it is just right for where i am at right now.
Rated 5 out of 5 

If you enjoy movement, dance and music and would like to experience a deeper insight into your body mind, then curiosity and interest are the most important prerequisites. I might give you ideas, themes and visualisations, but there are no specific techniques. Any previous dance training may influence your movement repertoire, but you may feel encouraged to, and in fact feel the ‘permission’ to explore movement in other ways. This could be very liberating.

With regards to personal ability and mobility, all movement however big, small, abstract or ‘understated’ is a dance, and dance does not demand to be of a certain size, or physical ability. However if you are looking to learn specific steps on how to move and dance with guided instructions and techniques, then Dance Basics may be a better fit for you. To go further in depth into the basics, then Niio Roots will give you an ideal grounding for your moving dancing self. 

Whilst experiencing freedom in movement, we also have to be mindful of our surroundings. It is possible to move and dance in a very limited space if that is all that is possible. We can move and travel in many directions, not only across the floor! The videos will take up approximately 1 hour per week, though the reflection questions may be something you take more time to ponder and absorb. The additional follow on art work all depends on you, but it could be as simple as a short 15 min session of writing/sketching after any particular movement session, or more if you have the time and feel called.

 We then meet every week for a group zoom which will take 1-1.5 hours. If you have time, you may enjoy to do the videos again, perhaps as downloads where you can go deeper without visual distraction, giving you the opportunity to have a new and different experience. (this is of course an option you can do anytime again after the course has finished!)

Everything is always optional. Meeting together every week is so that we can feel the support of a group on the same, albeit individual journeys, and also to meet with me for any questions you may have. There is never any pressure or expectation, you come as you are, and participate as much or as little as you like.

There is also the option of booking private sessions with me in lieu or in addition to the group sessions. 

Whilst dance can be therapeutic, this course is not deemed ‘therapy’. Working with a Dance Movement Therapist is often one-on-one, looking at specific issues over a certain period time. You may have certain aspects in your life that you would like to give the time and space to reflect upon, and this course may give you that valid opportunity.

On one level we are using mindful movement and conscious dance, that can at times feel like a moving meditation as you go into your flow. You may discover tools that help support you in your own journey to wellness, and in Niio Dance the emphasis is on empowering You with your own resources, to cultivate deep self-awareness, and to promote self-care. It is allowing and affirming for yourself dedicated holistic ‘me’ time. If you would like to explore more deeply into your body mind connection, and your mental and emotional world for guidance, then you may like to look at Niio Wings which will be launching in 2022.

NB: Some of the pictures above are taken from previous Niio Dance courses, and are only indicative of how it may look. The actual course content may look different.


or 2 x £185 monthly instalments

Mentoring with Weekly Live Group Class & Support
 Course Community
 FB Group
 WAV/MP3 Downloads