Niio Dance Basics
a 7 week course for resilience, creativity and flow

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somatic conscious dance outdoors

Remembering Who You Are

‘Find your feet’ literally and metaphorically, and form a solid foundation for your breathing, moving, dancing self in this 7 week course that takes you back to basics in posture, co-ordination and dynamics in free movement and dance.
From establishing some classic dance fundamentals we can feel more at ease and inspired to move freely and express. 

Join me if you would like to gain:

Energy and Vitality 

Feel vital and alive as you rejuvenate. When we dance all of our physical systems get a workout: our fluids flow better, we flush out toxins, we get less pain; faster recovery times from injury, a stronger immune system, better hormone function


Expand your movement reach and repetoire, with new structures and frameworks to support your movement, both in your dance and externally into the world. Have new certainty within yourself and confidence in your abilities, as you become more comfortable in your own skin, and gain a sense of wholeness and connection within

Creative Play

Improved mobility gives a sense of ease and freedom in our bodies. In addition we get an energy boost which means that we relax and rest better. Also enjoy lightness and laughter as you commit to the ‘work’ of allowing yourself to Play

  NB:  All the above are potential gains, dependant upon time and commitment invested, and prior health conditions and abillities. Seven weeks is an introduction to what is possible, building a solid foundation. We go into more depth and exploration in Dance Flow, Niio 1 Roots and Niio 2 Wings

Course Modules


- how and where our movements begin


- exploring our kinesphere (the spherical space around our body, as created by Rudolf Laban), how we move in space, and where to


- finding internal support to hold us, and give us confidence, to step out with surety and lightness


- we explore a myriad of different ways of moving and travelling across the floor


- we look at our qualities of movement, which can include speed, energy and flow of movement


- we look at moving to different rhythms and beats


- we look at structure and shapes, patterns and pathways

Is this course for me?


If you would like to feel more confident about moving and dancing, to lose self-consciousness and enjoy being in the moment, this course is a perfect foundation for you. You will receive guidance on basic dance principles to support you, new ways to think about moving and ideas to open and inspire your imagination. Rather than shy away from social situations where there are opportunities to dance, you will become part of the celebratory spirit of the event! 

Movers and Groovers

This course can also be for confident movers. Maybe you love to dance, but have never had formal lessons, and would love to learn some fundamentals to enhance your movement. You may find that you always go to familiar places, and this course may help you to find new ways to move. You may also learn a whole lot more about your body and yourself in the process!

Somatic Dance

All of the above dance principles are part of classic dance and performance - to create aesthetics, mood and atmosphere. However, when dancing for ourselves, for self-expression and to access our interiority, we use somatic approaches that also correspond with the four modes of human perception identified by Carl Jung - sensing, feeling, intuiting and thinking.

Whilst I guide you, there are no set sequences you have to follow. Rather I introduce an idea or motif that you can then develop as part of your own dance. And most importantly the idea is to listen in, as opposed to moving infront of a mirror - an entirely different activity with different focus and intention. NB It may also be worth remembering that just like life, dance is not always pretty, regular or predictable!

NB: Unlike the Gold Package where you have ongoing mentoring and group support, this option means that you are accountable to yourself. Every week you will receive new videos for the module, and you take responsibility for your own needs and self-care.
Please see here for further information.

What you Receive every week:

MODULE INTRODUCTION VIDEO - here I introduce the main focus for the week, and relevant bodymind information

GUIDED WARM UP VIDEO - This video will give a concise warm up that prepares you for the session, or can be done on its own as a general mini warm up and movement session for your body.

REFLECTION EXERCISES - these may be questions that you can reflect and journal on, before, during or after the module

2 x GUIDED DANCE SESSION VIDEOS - This video has focussed guidance to demonstrate new movement pathways, time for you to follow, and then with freer guided movement exploration after.

GUIDED MEDITATION VIDEO - The meditations are also an opportunity to go back to basics, of the body and the breath, as we begin to explore our interior. I give you simple guidance accompanied with beautiful music and subtle visuals to help you ease into the meditative mind without pressure or expectation.

Closed Facebook group for ongoing support and sharing

Meet Your Instructor
Helene Su

conscious dancing outdoors

Dance is Helene's first love, giving her joy, expression and freedom since childhood, and she originally began with ballet but has since studied martial arts, yoga, dance movement therapy, somatic movement education and meditation in the UK, India, Thailand and Japan. She has also explored a whole range of dance since including contemporary, conscious, contact and trance dance. Dance's unique synergy of mind, body, spirit and soul has helped her to gain clarity, resilience and confidence and inspired her to create Niio Dance.

She has presented talks and workshops in UK and Europe, and is now creating online dance programmes so you can find your flow, and reconnect with your joie de vivre in the comfort of your home! Combining ancient wisdom with modern science, Helene is committed to helping you to find personal tools for your vibrant health and wellbeing, through the joy of dance.

In Addition, Silver Package receive the following downloads:

7 x 20 minutes Dance WAV/MP3s

Each dance video will be downloadableso that eg you may listen on headphones outdoors. This will allow you the opportunity to sense into your body without external influence or distraction, discover your own dance flow, and get away from the screen!

7 x 15 mins Dance WAV/MP3's

Each dance video will be downloadable so that eg you may listen on headphones outdoors. This will allow you the opportunity to sense into your body without external influence or distraction, discover your own dance flow, and get away from the screen!

7 x 10 minutes Meditation WAV/MP3s

Each meditation will be downloadable so that you can really tune into your inner world as you meditate

7 x 10 minutes Warm up WAV/MP3s

Each warm-up will be downloadable so that you can really tune into your inner world as you warm up

All the lessons are kept in the Niio Dance course portal for you to reference and access again for another 60 days after course completion. WAV/mp3 downloads are yours to keep forever!

Facebook Group Access

You can continue to be part of the Niio Dance closed Facebook group long after the course has finished, where you can connect with me and others on our dance and bodymind journey. I drop into the group regularly and post news of interest.

This course is a perfect preparation for Niio Dance Flow which follows on from this course. Or, if you are inspired to explore deeper into the body mind connection, learn more about yourself and your body, and instill a moving meditation and dance practice as part of your regular health and wellbeing self-care programme, then it is also the perfect preparation   for Niio Roots - Earth Spirit beginning in April.

Dr Jeff Watkins

Tivoli Healthcare

Thank you for such an excellent course.

The presentation was highly professional, filming was impressive
and it's clearly been really well planned and thought through.

Your on-line dance classes are really, really good. I particularly like the bits in the open air !!'

Pauline Crozier

Aerial Yoga Teacher
/Studio Owner

Niio Dance was a very transformative practice for me. Listening to Helene’s words of inspiration and guidance, I was able to hear the invitation, not to just follow on mindlessly someone else’s practice/regime but to listen to the wisdom of my own body. We all have very different bodies and what we need to heal is to feel what’s going on for us. By going inward and being able to focus on the aliveness of our bodies, our minds and emotions. And I really loved the music Helene used, it carries you, takes you into yourself.

During the course I feel I've released my body of so much built up stress and emotion. My space at home felt part of Helene’s space it didn't feel uncomfortable dancing on my own, even at times when I could feel resilience arise in my body, like I wanted to stop dancing, I would hear Helene’s voice encouraging me, talking to me and I managed to work through it.

Helene has so much to share and is such a generous and empowering teacher. Her instruction is so natural you can feel it comes from the heart. It was my favourite tool for staying well in lockdown. I really embraced the opportunity to tune into my body, getting out of my head and feeling confident with such an embodied dance movement experience…Niio Dance…shake out your stress and dance your way to freedom…xx

Yes if your injury is not debilitating, and you are able to manage it without having to overstress or overcompensate another part of your body. Somatic movement education means that we learn to listen to our bodies and what our bodies need in any given moment. This means that you can go as gently, slowly and passively as you may need to be mindful of your injury. At the same time, learning to sense into your body, you might realise that you tend to put more strain on eg your other foot, which compromises it and conversely give you other tensions or troubles. It may be that you can learn to find more equilibrium in your movement to ease existing problems.

Whilst experiencing freedom in movement, we also have to be mindful of our surroundings. It is possible to move and dance in a very limited space if that is all that is possible. We can move and travel in many directions, not only across the floor!

It is helpful to have a yoga mat or comfortable rug for any warm-up that involves lying down. Clothes need to be comfortable and unrestricted for movement, layers are preferable in case your body warms up. Apart from that the only other thing is to be mindful of your flooring. If you are dancing on carpet, then you may need to take care because of friction, in which case soft shoes may be helpful. Or, in the case of a wooden floor you may need some soft shoes to protect your feet. Otherwise bare foot is usually the best. 

The main issue is not your potential ability to move, as dance covers all kinds of movement - subtle, awkward, clumsy, irregular, erratic as well as slick or athletic. Dropping any expectations or judgements around yourself and your abilities is the first step in responding to your question! In doing so and relaxing, you may find that your perceived challenge around movement and dance may gradually dissolve.

You may find as you sense into your body, new ways of moving inspired by my cues, that you had not done before. You will also gain a sense of being more in your body - being embodied, which gives you more surety, a more clear and grounded presence that can filter into your interactions in life.


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